Villas on Lake Como: a tradition of luxury living

by VillasBuy Team

Immersed in the splendid Lombardy Region, Italy, Lake Como is a luxurious and picturesque destination known worldwide for its perfect synthesis of history and culture, high-level lifestyle and astounding natural beauty. For centuries, the shores and hills surrounding the lake have been dotted with historic residences and magnificent luxury villas, the privileged refuge of families in the area as well as international movie and music celebrities.

Let’s explore in more detail the history of some of these residences, the quiet and opulent lifestyle they embody and the reasons that drive more and more investors to buy luxury villas in the Lake Como area.

The villas of Lake Como: a brief historical overview

The villas of Lake Como have very ancient origins, so much so that the very first holiday homes in the area date back to the Roman Empire. Influential figures such as Consul Caio Plinio stayed in the area to benefit from the mild climate and the splendid, enveloping nature of the places. However, from the 16th century onwards, these houses became popular as residences – especially in summer – for wealthy families from Milan and the Como area.

The villas were designed as grandiose symbols of wealth and influence, characterized by elaborate and sumptuous architectures that represented a tangible status symbol for the owning families. Even the large gardens surrounding them were the aesthetic manifestation of a particularly well-to-do and wealthy social class that turned bon vivre into an existential philosophy.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the villas of Lake Como experienced a second youth: a veritable rebirth of popularity linked to the Grand Tour, a journey across Europe undertaken by wealthy young adventurers from the most diverse nations and committed to visiting the culturally, artistically, politically most relevant cities. It was precisely in that particular period that Lake Como crystallized as an unmissable destination and its magnificent villas, by extension, as luxurious stops along the way.

Writers such as Stendhal contributed in turn to the mysterious charm of these territories, recounting their marvels in their books: the unique attraction of the Lake Como area consists in the unprecedented mingling of mountain and lake, of a harsh alpine scenery with the softer, gentler romantic vibe of the blue waters. It’s simply impossible not to be fascinated by it.

Image by Davide from Pixabay

The most famous villas in the Lake Como area

Lake Como boasts a multitude of famous villas, today cultural centers, accommodation facilities or architectural works open to tourist visits only at certain times of the year.

Among the most famous is certainly Villa d’Este, originally built in 1568 as the summer residence of Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio and transformed into a luxury hotel in 1873. Currently, Villa d’Este is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular destination for tourists and celebrities.

Another famous residence is Villa del Balbianello, located on a wooded promontory overlooking the lake. Built in the 18th century, it has been owned over the years by several influential and wealthy families and, today, it is open to the public for dedicated tours as well as a popular destination for weddings and events.

Villa Carlotta, in the Municipality of Tremezzo, is also known and much loved. Dating back to the late 17th century, it is particularly famous for its spectacular terraced gardens and the sublime collection of art and antiques still housed indoors.

The luxurious lifestyle of Lake Como

The entire Lake Como area is the epitome of luxury lifestyle: a grand yet tranquil lifestyle perfectly exemplified by the unique design of the villas in the area. Often equipped with exclusive services such as private piers, tennis courts, swimming pools, winter gardens and large solariums, the prestigious lakeside residences boast stunning interiors, richly decorated with classic or contemporary works of art, antique furniture and rare collector’s items.

As for the lifestyle typically led in these places, it is halfway between the quiet luxury that has been so much talked about recently and the extravagant events typical of times gone by. The summers are spent sailing on the lake or relaxing in the lush private gardens, and enjoying evenings dedicated to the delicious dishes of the local cuisine and to Lake Como’s high society.

Buying a luxury villa on Lake Como: a wise choice for investors

Investing in the purchase of a luxury villa in the Lake Como area is a wise choice for several reasons, first of all the exclusive location, which is among the most prestigious and sought-after in Europe and very convenient for reaching large cities such as Milan. In practical terms, a lake house allows you to enjoy all the tranquility and beauty of nature without giving up the city’s services.

Secondly, the luxurious residences on Lake Como should not be considered simple homes but actual status symbols in which to live all year round or only at certain times. Therefore, owning a villa in these territories provides access to an exclusive company of homeowners who share the same passion for beauty, historic architecture and the privacy guaranteed by communities located in particularly prestigious areas.

Finally, buying a luxury villa on Lake Como is also a wise decision from a financial point of view, as the whole area, carefully maintained by its residents, continues to remain among the most stable and profitable, with high property values even during economic uncertainty.

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