The best swimming pool for your new luxury property on Lake Como

by VillasBuy Team

The swimming pool is considered an absolute must for anyone looking to buy a luxury property, and the stunning villas on Lake Como are no different. The luxurious properties of the area, often characterized by an exclusive lakefront view, further increase their value on the market when they are equipped with a private swimming pool: a space of well-being where homeowners have the chance to relax, unwind and – of course – cool off during the hot season without having to leave the confines of one’s home.

If you are looking for a high-end property on Lake Como, whether located inland or directly on the splendid blue waters of the lake, we suggest that you consider the presence of a private swimming pool as one of the discriminating factors for your purchase. If, on the other hand, the swimming pool is already present within the property, as is often the case in this area, you can choose to keep it as it is or replace it with a model that better suits your needs.

Swimming pools for luxury properties: the most popular models for Lake Como villas

When choosing your private swimming pool, you will have to keep in mind some commonsense rules that will allow you to obtain a perfect aesthetic and functional result.

First and foremost, it will be essential to identify a swimming pool model that fully integrates with the area’s natural beauty, perhaps with the help of particular colors, materials and shapes.

Infinity pools, for example, are one of the most popular choices for villas on the front of Lake Como because they give the illusion that the pool water extends seamlessly toward the natural basin, creating an unparalleled scenic impact.

Alternatively, natural pools represent an excellent solution thanks to their ability to imitate the aesthetics and atmosphere of a small lake or a magical-looking pond. Finally, indoor pools are perfect for luxury homeowners who want to enjoy them all year round, regardless of the weather, and live a private swimming experience.

Image by Gregory Beaty from Pixabay

The size and shape of the pool are essential factors to consider

Two other factors to consider are the size and shape of your swimming pool. Often, those located in the luxury properties in the Lake Como area adapt to the size of the villa and are fully integrated with the style and design of the house.

Therefore, it is quite common to find Olympic swimming pools combined with high-end lakefront properties. These models are usually long, narrow and perfect for occupying strips of land of specific dimensions, leaving the rest of the outdoor space available for green areas and private gardens. Even the aforementioned infinity pools and natural pools can be designed in various shapes and sizes to guarantee the highest degree of customization for each context.

Indoor pools can be customized in terms of aesthetics and size and integrated into different house areas. They can also boast advanced features such as underwater lighting, audio diffusion systems, and even small artificial waterfalls.

Choose a pool that meets your actual lifestyle needs

Finally, don’t forget to choose a swimming pool that fully meets your exact lifestyle needs.

From this point of view, a natural swimming pool is perfect for those who want to create a complete synergy between nature and architecture; a lap pool is ideal for those who mostly swim to keep fit; and an infinity pool is to be considered a true design statement, which allows your home to boast a breathtaking look from wherever you observe it.

In conclusion, when it comes to private pools for luxury properties, there are so many options to choose from. Whether you prefer the unique design of an infinity pool, the functionality of a lap pool, the sustainability of a natural pool or the convenience of an indoor pool, a solution is now available to meet your needs. With careful planning and research, you can build a swimming pool that will add value to your home and provide you and your family with years of absolute fun.

VillasBuy provides various prestigious real estate solutions in the Lake Como area: luxury villas that often also include fabulous swimming pools that reflect all the beauty of the “blue heart” of this area. Discover them in the dedicated section of our website or contact our team for reliable advice.

Immagine di apertura: Image by Claudia Stekelenburg from Pixabay

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