The three key features to consider when choosing your new luxury home

by VillasBuy Team

Buying a new home, especially a high-end property, can be as exciting as overwhelming and challenging for anybody. Without putting aside the importance of contacting and relying on expert professionals specialized in this type of residences, it remains essential to have a clear idea of the factors that will most influence your purchase right from the get-go.

The features you will evaluate when choosing your new home are numerous; however, some carry more weight than others in selecting the property that best suits your needs.

Let’s take a look at what, according to our experience, are the three absolute key factors you should consider crucial for a satisfactory result.

The location

Image by Sergio Cerrato – Italia from Pixabay

The location and position of the property are absolutely at the top of our list of what should be the discriminating factors in choosing a luxury home. Especially for high-end properties, relying on places that stand out for their exclusivity, quietness and safety is a tremendous added value. Even living in ancient and precious villages or borgos almost suspended in time (for example, the stunning Brienno) is a benefit our clients hold in increasingly high consideration.

At the same time, you’ll need to assess whether the location of your new home is convenient for the activities you’ll be carrying out, whether it’s getting to work, taking the kids to school or going to the gym. Without forgetting – of course – the comfort and proximity to services, the main urban centers and your favorite shopping places.

The interior design

Image by Jesse Bridgewater from Pixabay

For obvious reasons, interior design is the soul of the home, the style that defines its most profound personality. Our clients are not always looking for luxury properties to subject their indoor spaces to deep renovations; on the contrary, they usually prefer properties that are already perfectly ready to be inhabited and enjoyed.

In this case, the style and “mood” of the interior spaces (as well as those outdoors) represent an essential factor in their decision-making process.

In general, we suggest that you always favor houses with a copious intake of air and natural light, as they are particularly warm and inviting. Similarly, the “flow” between one setting and the others – it can also be defined as “the geometries of movement” – also makes the rooms more practical and livable.

Finally, don’t forget to observe the combination of materials, colors and finishes: do you like them as they are? Will they require renovations, restorations or updates to suit your tastes? Answering these questions will give you a much clearer idea of the direction in which you want to push your purchase.

The outdoor spaces

Image by Anja from Pixabay

On several occasions, we have reiterated the growing importance of having homes with livable outdoor spaces: this trend has now become prevalent and reflects people’s need to rediscover a way of communicating with nature, so much so that they already need to experience this dialogue in their most private spaces – their own homes.

Consequently, assessing the property’s size should also take into consideration its surrounding private land: the more spacious and accessible this is, the better it will be. Its practical usability is also an important factor in the purchase decision: outdoors with well-kept parks, solariums and barbecue areas, large infinity pools, small private woods or winter gardens are undoubtedly among the most appreciated by future inhabitants.

The VillasBuy team is dedicated to researching and proposing exclusive luxury properties in one of the most appreciated locations worldwide: the Lake Como area. Contact us to tell us about your dream home: we will find it for you.

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