Terms of Use

I. Preamble

  1. These Terms of Use govern usage of the “villasbuy” website, hereinafter “the Site” and relations between the User, understood as being any and all individual, of either sex, who uses the Site, and CDL SWISS Sagl, the owner of the Site.
  2. We would ask you to carefully read the terms of use, referred to hereinbelow as the “Terms”. Should you refuse to accept the Terms, you are instructed to immediately refrain from browsing and use, in any form, of the Site. Otherwise, the Terms shall be deemed accepted in full.
  3. We would also ask you to consult the Privacy Policy Statement which provides important information on the processing of personal data, users’ rights and other practical information.
  4. Upon initially accessing our Site, you are offered the possibility of specifying the use of cookies. To see the available settings, reference should be made to the paragraph on the Privacy Policy Statement.
  5. CDL SWISS Sagl reserves the right at any time to update these Terms in addition to the documents referred to therein.
  6. These recitals constitute an integral part of the Terms.


II. Exclusively informational purpose, exclusion of liability, comments and feedback

  1. The sole purpose of the Site is to provide useful information to those persons who are interested in it. Under no circumstances whatsoever may the Site and/or the content of same and/or any references, links and cross-references constitute a binding offer, an invitation to tender and/or professional consultancy of any type. Under no circumstances may any Site content be construed as consultancy of any type or as a professional service. Under no circumstances whatsoever is CDL SWISS Sagl bound by the Site content, the links contained therein, all information and/or audio-visual document vis-à-vis users and/or third parties.
  2. To the maximum extent contemplated by applicable law, CDL SWISS Sagl declines any and all liability for any direct or consequential damage, loss of data, adverse financial effect, intangible losses and any and all other possible harm of any type, caused by the Site to individuals browsing and/or to third parties, with regard to the use of same, the information contained therein, availability or otherwise of the Site, any information and/or reference to it. Usage of the Sites is at the User’s own risk.
  3. The above is also applicable to any comments and/or feedback left by other users.
  4. Insofar as the Site hosts comments, reviews, third-party feedback (see article III) and links, the above shall also apply to those.


III. Posts, publications, comments and copyright

  1. Any User deciding to publish comments, posts, reactions etc through publishing on the Site, declares that he/she accepts the Terms in full.
  2. The User accepts full liability for comments, content, any and all audio-visual file (in any format) published and declares that he/she is the holder of any such right as may be required for such publication. By means of publication, the User irrevocably grants the Site the broadest authority to use and reuse the material published.
  3. The provisions of point V below also apply.
  4. The User acknowledges and accepts that, as a rule, spaces for comments and publications are not moderated. In all cases, the Site is entitled to remove any such post and/or publication and/or reference expressed through the Site without the need to provide any explanation and/or indemnification of any type whatsoever.
  5. The User is mindful of the fact that in accordance with settled case law handed down by the Federal Court, by expressing appreciation of any unlawful comments through the use of emoticons or likes, he or she also incurs liability together with the person expressing such appreciation.
  6. Any and all part or content of the Site is the sole property of CDL SWISS Sagl and/or third parties in respect of whose rights CDL SWISS Sagl is the licensee. Under no circumstances whatsoever may the Site content be used and/or reproduced in its entirety or partially without first obtaining CDL SWISS Sagl’s explicit consent.


IV. Up-time and Site availability

  1. Under no circumstances is access to the Site and to the content of same guaranteed. Site access may be temporarily interrupted.


V. Conditions of use, lawful use and security

  1. The User declares that he or she is an adult in accordance with the legal system to which they are subject. CDL SWISS Sagl does not verify, and neither is it able to verify users’ age.
  2. The User undertakes at all times to only use the Site for lawful purposes in accordance with applicable regulations.
  3. The User is absolutely prohibited from:
    • using the web site to harm third-party interests and/or rights, disseminating illegal, obscene, immoral, hazardous content (including for example viruses and malware);
    • compromising Site access and access to other websites in any manner;
    • conducting any form of reverse engineering;
    • downloading or copying the Site content;
    • copying the Site content in its entirety or partially (including audio-visual documents and the Site’s structure and artwork);
    • resorting to automated instruments (net-bots, spiders, scripts etc) to index or to exploit the Site content in any other manner, without obtaining the Company’s prior consent.
  4. In all cases the Company may implement such technical measures as may be necessary to prevent or prosecute abusive and/or unlawful use of the Site. In all cases the Company shall notify the relevant authorities of any attack and/or misuse which breaches law and/or the above-mentioned terms.
  5. The User acknowledges and accepts that Internet, the web, devices and technologies through which it may be used, are vulnerable and usage of same is subject to certain risks. In this regard the User acknowledges that he or she incurs sole liability for any damage and/or loss, whether direct or consequential, of any type whatsoever, be it tangible or not, arising as a consequence of malfunctioning or misuse of the networks, technologies or connection devices (this also applies to any infections using malware, modified information etc).


VI. Comprehensiveness

  1. These Terms, as may be amended from time to time, including all documents, web sites, rules, terms and policies referred to in this document, including but not limited to the Privacy Policy Statement, constitute the entirety of the agreement between CDL SWISS Sagl and the users with regard to use of the Site.
  2. Under no circumstances shall any contractual conditions imposed by the User and/or by third parties be applicable, even when bearing a later date and/or when referred to in one or more items of Site content and/or links.


VII. Safeguard Clause

Should a certain clause of these Terms no longer be applicable, this shall not affect the validity of all the other clauses set forth in these Terms.


VIII. Applicable law and law court

  1. Without prejudice to binding, unwaivable provisions, these Terms are governed solely by Swiss substantive law. Accordingly, international law and any other international law and/or agreement and/or provision do not apply.
  2. By using this Site, in accordance with the above provisions, the User accepts these Terms in full, including the selection of jurisdiction at CDL SWISS Sagl’s registered office for any dispute relating to the interpretation or application or in any manner related to these Terms (without prejudice to any divergent, unwaivable provisions).

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