Do you want to sell your luxury property? If so, we will work step-by-step with you to ensure that it is put on the market at the best price and that it is recommended to ideal buyers.
We understand how important buying and selling a luxury property can be and that is why we offer top class services to both the buyer and the seller.
If you want to sell a house, there are many factors to consider and real estate laws are constantly evolving, so it is essential to rely on professionals. Like us.
Those below are the main stages when selling a property.

The process of selling a property usually involves the following three steps:


Read more about them below.


In the pre-quotation and analysis stage, we will take care of:

  • Drawing up a program and schedule appointments with our representatives
  • Discussing the sales strategy
  • Analyzing how similar properties are put on the market
  • Real estate appraisal and property valuation
  • Drawing up a real estate assignment contract
  • Creation of the marketing plan


Our marketing strategy includes:

  • Tailor-made marketing campaign (digital, classic, priority channels)
  • Professional photos and videos of the property
  • Creation of property profile (short and detailed description of the property)
  • Email and telephone campaigns that target customers and partners
  • Private home tours (on request)


Daily operations during the home selling process include:

  • Management of offers and negotiations
  • Management of accepted offers and deposit payments
  • Assistance with the transcription of the contract in the Land Registry
  • Assistance when drafting the preliminary contract or the notarial act of sale

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In all advertisements for the sale and lease of real estate you will see these sentences: “index of energy consumption in kilowatts 1 sq.m. per year” and “energy efficiency class”. The energy certificate is prepared by an expert after assessing the property condition (the presence of heaters, the technical conditions of the building, widnows fixtures, the presence of thermal bridges that increase heat loss). These data will help you to understand the cost of heating the property. Energy efficiency class ranges from A (highest) to G (lowest): the higher the class, the better the insulation of the building and the less energy spent on heating. The Energy Certificate is required for the sale. Its validity is 10 years from date of issue.

When selling a property, the seller must provide:

  • Certified copy of the Title deed
  • If after the date of the deed changes to the property have been made, the seller shall provide Municipal Authorizations (building permit)
  • Copy of the Certificate of Habitability (Certificato di Agibilità)
  • Original declarations of conformity of the electrical, plumbing and gas sytem or communicate the non-compliance of the systems with the current legislation;
  • Copy of condo rules
  • The cadastral floor plan
  •  Energy Certificate

An “exclusive” agreement with VillasBuy for the sale of a property brings you great benefits:

  • Your property has the highest priority for us and will always be the first one we recommend to ideal buyers
  • Exclusive market positioning
  • Tailor-made marketing activities
  • Regular reporting on requests, negotiations and home tours
  • Continuous and dedicated assistance

In general, the exclusive agreement lasts 12 months.

The Lake Como real estate market attracts foreign investors that search online, so we invest a lot in the visibility of our website and our social media accounts, without forgetting our targeted email marketing activities.

Our visitors are from all over the world, so we target every country.

For each property for sale, we develop tailored local, national and international advertising campaigns. We use email marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising strategies, premium placements on our website and much more.

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