Lake Como during winter: the charm of the off-season

by VillasBuy Team

The Lake Como area is famous worldwide for its colorful and flowery springs and spectacular summers. Yet, it is just as charming during its off-season, which goes from October to March. Autumn and winter are incredibly romantic here, thanks to the perfect balance between jaw-dropping natural landscapes, architectural beauties and multisensory experiences. In fact, many consider the slower rhythm that permeates these times of the year an added plus.

The dozens of tiny villages and ancient borgos that border the lake come to life much differently than in the summer. The decrease in mass tourism creates a much quieter atmosphere, allowing locals and visitors to enjoy their daily life and stay in a unique manner. It’s unsurprising that the Lake Como area calls for a more mature crowd looking for a calm wintry escape in territories enveloped by luscious nature and packed with beautiful shops, luxury spas and wellness centers.

If you’re planning to buy your dream house in the Lake Como area, just know that you will be able to enjoy it throughout the year, with a general feeling that varies according to the season. If, during summer, the lake and harbors are studded with boats and glitzy parties, autumn and winter become contemplative times. Under a fresh layer of snow or in the chilly air of the early morning, the lake’s remoteness is beyond alluring, and the surrounding mountains become a beloved destination for skiers and winter sports lovers who want to escape the chaos of much more famous Alpine resorts. The diverse landscapes in the area offer a variety of options for many winter activities, from snowboarding to trekking, from cycling to hiking (the nearby Valsassina and Valtellina are just spectacular!).

Have you ever explored the lake via ferry during winter? The boats sail across the blue waters showing you the coasts and steep hills pointed with citrine and salmon-colored villas from a very different perspective! Just wear a warm coat, a scarf and gloves and enjoy the trip from the deck; it will be worth it.

While visiting the stunning towns and villages that border the lake – from Bellagio to Lecco, from Como to Menaggio – take some time to shop around the characterful boutiques and experience all the charm of handmade, 100% Made in Italy products, in which elegance and quality mix flawlessly. And of course, don’t forget to fully immerse yourself in the local cuisine: from the traditional and delicious Pizzoccheri (buckwheat tagliatelle, cabbage, sage, potatoes and cheese) to the Risotto con Filetti di Pesce Persico (a creamy rice mixed fillets of Persic fish from the lake), usually served with a glass of Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay wine, from Missultin (a local fish seasoned with laurel leaf and served with slices of polenta) to Polenta Uncia (polenta cooked with local cheeses, butter, garlic and sage), the multisensory kick will be impossible to forget.

All in all, visit Lake Como during winter to just enjoy and become familiar with the place. Sometimes doing very little is the wisest course of action. Wander at your own speed, get lost on the cobbles, and hire a boat to go sailing. Find a terrace and observe the boats as they enter the harbor. Admire the perspectives captured in countless works of art throughout the ages, from Virgil’s poetry to Hollywood’s screenwriting.

This is certainly one of the best ways to fully live in this region.

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