Get to know Lake Como: the Alto Lago, the Triangolo Lariano and the Central Lake

by VillasBuy Team

The so-called “Alto Lago”, the Lario Triangle (Triangolo Lariano) and Central Lake Como, the area that results from the union between the branches of Como and Lecco, are among the most fascinating local destinations if you’re planning to explore Lake Como and its surroundings while house-hunting for your new dream home.

Of course, there’s just so much to say about this territory that an entire book would probably not be enough, but as spring draws closer and closer, we’d be happy to accompany you on a little virtual tour of some of the most stunning corners of this much-beloved area.

The Alto Lago: North Lake Como is waiting for you with its luscious nature and rich history

Alto Lago is the Italian term that refers to the northern part of Lake Como. Its jaw-dropping landscapes and thick greenery are just some of the peculiar aspects that help differentiate this area from other parts of the lake.

Travelers who enjoy water sports and mountains go to this area of ancient cultures because of its proximity to Switzerland and other Northern European nations. In addition, the Alto Lago provides many opportunities for entertainment and education. From Menaggio to the north, the picturesque Lake Como environment changes to a more wild, charming basin framed by mountains and valleys.

The little borgos of Dongo, Gravedona, Domaso, Gera Lario and Sorico may be seen here on the banks. The incredibly pretty town of Colico is situated on the opposite side of the majestic Mountain Legnone, which, together with its boulders, creates the harbor of Piona.

The Alto Lago is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, and the home of renowned schools for various nautical specialties, such as sailing, canoeing, and water skiing. Small, diverse, receptive enterprises with familiar management were founded here, where the water and sun melt with the vacation, where the relaxation is complemented by joy.

The Lario Triangle: sports lovers are definitely going to love this area

Motorfano, Alserio, Pusiano, Annone, Segrino and Garlate are the names of the six small lakes surrounding the Triangolo Lariano. This part of the Lake Como area is also home to three mountain groups: Corni di Canzo, Palanzone and San Primo.

A true heaven for sports lovers, who will enjoy the spectacular sceneries on foot, by trekking, or while pedaling on their bicycle. The landscape is stunning in beauty and very rich, and includes the famous erratic boulders and tombs of Torno in Blevio (they are huge isolated rocks transported and deposited by ancient glaciers) and the Buco del Piombo of Albavilla, one of the most famous caves in the Lombardy region, an authentic open-air natural museum.

Another perfect destination for your excursion is the so-called “Funghi di Terra” in Rezzago, whose scientific name is “pyramids of erosion”: natural structures resulting from the erosive action of runoff waters on moraine soils. They are made of coarse materials such as gravel, sand and boulder, dispersed in a very friable sandy-silky matrix. It was the retreat of Quaternary glaciers that created this stunning natural wonder.

Central Lake Como: where Como and Lecco unite

The Central Lake Como area results from the unification of the Lecco and Como branches, which is why it takes on two different shapes. It refers to an open area between the towns of Varenna, Bellagio and Menaggio and the inland area toward the borgo of Argegno.

Foto di <a href="">Luca J</a> su <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Luca J on Unsplash

Once again super-rich in history, this part of Lake Como is also where the lake reaches its maximum depth – about 410 meters – and where you will find some of the most beautiful luxury villas in the world.

Finally, Central Lake Como is also where you will find Bellagio, the “pearl of the lake”: a small town so gorgeous and emotion-stirring to have become the inspiration for one of the most famous Las Vegas hotels and resorts.

Bellagio’s primary economic industry is, of course, tourism. This jewel town perched on a secluded area of the lake is also a unique venue where it’s quite easy to bump into celebrities of all kinds, strolling beneath the porticos and purchasing handmade jewelry and accessories or sipping a delicious hot chocolate.

Nature in the area is also stunning, well displayed in the legendary Villa Serbelloni and the unique Villa Melzi, with its breathtaking garden. The garden’s axis ascends the hillside from the lake to a vantage point above the villa, and many twisting pathways pass through it. Roman and Egyptian statues can be seen along the routes’ intersections, along the coast and beneath the trees, adding to the garden’s lovely ambiance. Many exotic plants were planted following the prevailing tastes of the time. The Japanese pond with water lilies, flanked by Japanese maple and cedar trees, is fascinating. Azaleas and rhododendrons can be seen flowering in April and May.

It’s time to book your visit to Lake Como. We’ll be waiting for you: get ready to step into your future home in a place that is easy to love and impossible to forget.


Cover picture by Evan Verni on Unsplash

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